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Fri, May 15, 2015 6:57 PM


How Business On Tapp Can Help

If you spend any time reading about technology and business you’ll inevitably read about a little something called social media - and why your business should get involved. You probably already know that social media can be used to communicate with existing customers and find new customers. But can social media help businesses do...better business? With a new app called Business on Tapp, the answer is yes.

Business on Tapp is an app that is available on Android and iOS devices. And yes, it is a social media platform.

Its development is important because most businesses are only scratching the surface of social media. Business on Tapp provides a number of tools that will help business owners like you actually run your business. Whether you want to learn a new skill, finding a new supplier who offers better prices, or get the answer to an HR question, Business on Tapp will help you out. Here is how it works.

Knowledge Base

Many of the common social media platforms give users the ability to share content that they feel is helpful. This gives you access to information that you may never come across on your own. But there is a downside too, and you may even experience it: information overload.

Business on Tapp offers you business-specific content that is suitable and relevant to all modern leaders, entrepreneurs and innovators. You’ll get content without the common distractions of celebrity tweets, pictures of cats, or other things that may cause bottlenecks in your brain.

Business on Tapp helps you focus with its clean feed of targeted information about issues that affect you every day.

A Helping Hand

Another powerful function of social media is the ability to connect to a large amount of people in your network. Business on Tapp supercharges this concept by connecting business people together in a community where information is disseminated, questions are answered, and problems are shared.

This means that you can get help and advice on all different types of issues that are affecting your business. Whether you want guidance on how to build a new website, questions about small business finance, or how to market your business in a meaningful way, someone in the Business on Tapp community will have the answers. You can ask anything and have confidence that the community will provide a quality response.


Business on Tapp offers a “networking” functionality as well. But it does so in a way that is highly targeted. The people that you can connect with using the app are other entrepreneurs and business leaders. You might even find potential new clients for your own business. This resource goes deep.

You can also network to build up your contacts and get practical support. These people might become customers or even suppliers to your business. But they might also become sounding boards for ideas, mentors, business partners or colleagues.

Business on Tap is a social network with a differentiator– its focus helps you to become the modern business leader and innovator that you already are - only better.

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