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Mon, Sep 22, 2014 10:31 PM


Element Editing - can no longer highlight settings fields

I used to be able to highlight what I need to change in the Text/element Settings or when changing HTML (add your snippet here) code, etc.  Now I have to back space to remove the old info.  Also can not even place my cursor in the middle of the field - I can only place my cursor at the end of the field and back space.

For example, if an element is positioned at 650 top and I want to move it down 100 points, I used to be able to highlight the 6 and change to 7.  Now I have to backspace out 650 and then retype 750.

A worse problem is I have some sites that use a drop down menu - since that is not a feature in Homestead, that is an html box with the html code.  That's a long bit of code so backspacing and reentering the code is really not an option.

How can we highlight only the parts we want to change?

This is something that has happened very recently.

Thank you!

Mary P

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