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Choosing a template and getting started.

Templates are very customizable and meant as a starting point for your website. We recommend choosing a design based on color because that is the hardest part to customize. You'll be able to add, remove, and change everything else: the content, images, logo, page titles, contact forms, and so on.

Important: If you already have a template for your website, changing templates will delete all pages and files on your existing site. It's okay to look at templates, but if you select a template you'll need to start your website over.

If you already have a site and want another site, you'll need to create a new website.

Getting Started
Click Websites Manager on the top of the page to go to the right place.

Steps to take

  1. Click Choose Design, to go to the Template Gallery.

  1. Use one or more filters to view templates based on your preferences. This step is optional but designed to save you time.

  • Business Type - If you don't see your business type, you don't have to narrow the designs by business type. You can use any template and customize it for your specific business.

  • Website Purpose - Do you want to market an event or showcase your portfolio of work? 

  • Website Personality- We have a variety of personality types. Choose the one that best fits your business. For example, a website for a nanny service will need a different personality than a website for a bankruptcy attorney.

  • Target Customer- Use this dropdown to filter the results based on your target demographic.

  • View designs by color - If you have a logo that you want to match your website, looking at the templates by color is a great way to save you time.

  1. Preview the pages. All templates have several pages to choose from. Click through the Available pages to see the different page layouts available with each template.

  2. Click Close to go back to the gallery and preview other templates.

  1. After you find a template you want to use, click Select This Design to get started.

  1. Add your business information:

  • Business Name

  • Email Address

  • Phone Number (optional)

  • Street Address (optional)

  1. Click Use This Info.

Tip: When you enter your information, we'll automatically fill areas on the template with your information. This can save you considerable time. You'll still be able to edit or remove them from your website at any time.

  1. Decide if you'd like to add more pages now or get started on your website.

  • To start working on your site, click Continue to Website Editor.

  • To add more pages, click Choose Page.

  1. Select up to 4 more pages. Use the Pages dropdown to preview different page styles and layouts.

Note: You can pick up to 5 total pages in the Template gallery. If you have the ability to add more than 5 pages (depending on your package type), you can add more in the Website Editor. Read more about adding pages to your website.

  1. When you've decided on a page, click Choose This Page.

  1. After you've selected up to 5 pages, click Continue to Website Editor.

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