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Sat, Dec 21, 2013 7:07 PM

Can't publish updates to my web site. Win 7, HP-AMD.

I have 'updated' Sitebuilder numerous times. It looks like it 'worked' since no error messages but...I suggest that you add both positive and or negative completion messages so we know if it thinks it worked. I'm guessing it isn't really 'working' since I am not getting a good completion to update because I have tried many times by shutdown and restart SB as well as reboot of system etc and every time it tell me it is updating when I start SB. (BTW, you should also always add SOME kind of message to these updates to describe what it is about rather than nothing).

So after many 'updates' as above, I would then update a page ...so far so good. When I try to publish the update I get 'You must update Sitebuilder to publish...blah blah blah'. Bottom line is it won't go. Other systems here seem to work (one is Win 7) but this is our main system and needs to work.

This system has worked for years...problem started a few days ago, with recent update. Hours wasted trying...What is going on?

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