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Tue, Sep 19, 2017 12:49 AM


Can I use HTTPS on my Websitebuilder or Sitebuilder Plus website site?

At this time individual SSL certificates are not available on any Homestead websites. There does seem to be an option if you need to have a secure connection. It is through a 3rd party provider, Cloudflare. If you look at a live site currently, you will see the notice that the site does not have a secure connection.

1) Go to and click the sign up link

2) Enter your email and password. Read and agree to the policy and hit continue.

3) Enter your domain name and click on Scan DNS records.

4) When done, click Continue.

5) Review the DNS records scanned. This is what a Websitebuilder site looks like by default. If you have added specific records, you might want to compare them to the records on the Domains tab under Advanced DNS settings. When satisfied, click continue at the bottom.

6) Select Free Website and then click continue.

7) You will now see the new nameservers you will need to add to your domain, and the nameserver to remove.

8) Log in to your Homestead account and click on the Domains tab on the left. Under the desired domain, click the edit your nameservers link and then click edit. To the right of the 3rd nameserver, click delete. Click edit again and change the 2 remaining ones to the ones provided by Cloudflare. Press Submit.

9) In Cloudflare, hit the continue button.

10) It can take up to 24 hours to update the nameservers and up to another 24 hours for Cloudflare to add the security, but you can finish up by clicking Page rules at the top.

11) Press create page rule.

12) Enter your domain as shown, then click add a setting.

13) Click on the drop down and select Always use https.

14) You'll see your rule listed now. This should do it, but you still may need propagation time. Please allow up to 48 hours.

15) Once propagated, you will see the new status when you visit the site.

Note: At this time this method will only work on Websitebuilder sites and Sitebuilder Plus sites, and not existing Storefront or Sitebuilder Desktop sites. If you see a Not secure warning on either Websitebuilder or Sitebuilder Plus websites, please let us know.

Additionally: This is a solution found by support staff. As such, it is not something our support department will be able to assist you with. You may ask questions here in the community and I will attempt to assist you, but support relating to this should be directed to Cloudflare.

Thank you

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