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Fri, May 23, 2014 5:58 PM

Can I get feedback on my Sitebuilder site please?

If you would like to have your website reviewed use theReply to post your domain name.  Weencourage everyone to post comments to help improve your sites. 

To keep the topic easy to follow, please post your domainusing the Reply.  To comment on awebsite, use the comment link attached to that domain name. 

We strongly recommend that you review these two topics whichhave some great information on building your site.  They will also give you some key points tolook at when reviewing a site for someone else.

Building a site

Building a search engine friendly site The key things to look for are simplicity, ease of use, andenough relevant content that visitors understand your business and are able tolearn enough to want to contact you.

Please make honest and professional comments(both positiveand negative), but remember to be respectful of everyone’s feelings.  The goal is to help each other be successful.

note: This topic is for Sitebuilder sites only. If you built a site in Websitebuilder, then please use this topic.

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