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Mon, Apr 24, 2017 10:05 PM


Blog Enhancements Timeline

I see a number of requests for Blog enhancements. I noticed an aged topic called 'How can we improve our blog?' and it looks like the concept was sound in gathering all ideas in a single place, however, it doesn't seem like any development has been done in the 3+ years since it was posted. I personally do not have a technical background and am not interested in trying the different hacks that others are using to make the below requests work.

I have gathered several Blog enhancement requests together into a single place. I may have missed some as I was perusing the board.

1. Provide the ability to post Blog directly to social media. It's counterproductive to have to go to the social media site and post a link back to the Blog.

2.Provide the ability for customers to subscribe to the blog so they get notified when a new post is created

3.Provide the ability to manage Blog comments. Examples include notification and acceptance or not, prior to a comment being publicly posted, as well as a request for name/email.  Ability to respond to customer's comments rather than just posting another comment.  on my blog?

4.Simplify the process of adding an image or video. Create a more user friendly experience.  

5.Create a mobile friendly interface for posting new blogs

6. Provide the ability to schedule posts to publish on a specified date and time.

7. Provide the ability to have 2 or more different blogs on a single site

8. Provide the ability to be able to create a new topic on a blog rather than simply comment on topics I create.

9. Simplify the CAPTCHA(challenge phrase).  Can it be made easier or be toggled off?

Drew, you do a wonderful job of answering repetitive questions and having to repeatedly tell us that certain functionality is still not available. I understand that you have taken many of the enhancement requests to your management team, however, we are all small business owners who are requesting that Homestead treat this like a development request and provide a prioritized enhancement schedule.

Call to Action

1. What is the roadmap for improving the Blog functionality and making it more functional?

2.Is there a User Group that we can participate in to provide input on our requests?

3. Is there an area where we can see an overall release schedule and track updates?

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