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Fri, Dec 5, 2014 12:36 AM


Are there any accessible instructions about how to use the site, other than the initial simple ones?


I grew up in an atmosphere where we organized information for accessibility and completed the information for easy usabitility.

So, I'm wondering if there is some way to access instructions about what to do, other than setting up an account, in specific situations.  I looked at the "categories" and could not get anywhere with that.  The search engine was not helpful.  

It would seem that there would be some structure whereby we could look into categories within and about the website's operational aspects.

  And that they would be beyond random answers provided by "the community".

For instance, how could I find out how the sitebuilder desktop and sitebuilder plus interact and how not to have them conflict and how to answer the questions that come up on Plus "start from last save" or "last change" as to what will actually happen - will the answer affect or cause an override of the desktop version.   What if I have a page with the same title on Plus and on the desktop, which one will win?  And will the other just disappear?  

Of course, such documentation and instructions do take time, but I think the company may come out ahead because they will save massive amounts of customer service personnel time plus they will have pleased customers who may actually refer, as in being a "raving fan", instead of a doubting, wondering user who believes the company is not honoring its contract.  

Is there a magical way to make this information findable now?  What am I missing????

Thank you for your comments and observations. 

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