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Mon, Mar 30, 2015 6:42 PM

Alternatives to Sitebuilder

I have been with Homestead since early 2010. I manage 2 websites. Aside from some sporadic email issues, I've been pretty happy with the whole arrangement. I have been considering moving away and to another host for the sake of making my sites look more dynamic and so that I can take advantage of design options like drop down menus. I feel like my sites are too busy and I'd like the drop down option and without having to do any coding at all.

I was in a conversation a couple of months back when someone (a wise person whose name I cannot recall) said that I should stop thinking of Homestead as a one stop shop and perhaps consider using another type of software to design my websites. The recommendation was for a Pablo WYSIWYG product. I've read some mixed reviews on that product, which leads me here.

I really do not want to change my hosting. I'm fine with what I get from Homestead in terms of my pricing and I like having email accounts tied to my site which include the name of my site.

I'm interested in any suggestions for WYSIWYG type software I can use to rework my sites - with pull-down menus - and still keep my hosting with Homestead. I've looked at Squarespace but I don't want to start over with a new contract with another company. There are a gazillion reviews out there for what works and what does not.

My hope is that Homestead realizes there are limitations with Sitebuilder and will chime in here to offer some alternative(s) in order to keep my business.

Thanks in advance for any input. I do nonprofit work on my dime so I'm looking for an alternative I can use by dropping a nominal amount of money one time.

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