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Thu, Jul 11, 2019 8:30 PM


404 Page - Unable to Set Up SB+

Google has been giving me crap about no 404 page for a while. So I finally went in and pulled up the siteerror404 prelisted page in SB+ and found it to be my original version from Desktop. I made a few changes and launched thinking that-was-that.......... 

Of course, I tested it by mis-spelling a landing page that resides a few levels into my site.......... the photos show what I should get and am actually receiving.  I even tried to rename it to just 404..... thinking that was what was needed.  Is our 404 page supposed to "siteerror404.html"? If so, what am I doing to screw it up?

Thank You

What should show

What does show with the mis-spelled url

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