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Tue, Oct 23, 2012 9:00 PM

Sitebuilder Plus: Simplestore Sales Tax

Sitebuilder Plus: Simplestore Sales Tax
Here's how to set a tax rate in SimpleStore.

Added SimpleStore prior to 5/15/12 or using PayPal for checkout

  1. Click Ecommerce in the left navigation menu.

  2. Click Set tax and shipping rates.

  3. Click Edit next to Tax Rate.

  4. Enter the sales tax rate you want to apply to orders made through your website.

  5. Click Save

Added SimpleStore after 5/15/12 and using Intuit Web Payment

  1. Click Ecommerce in the left navigation menu

  2. Click Tax in the top navigation menu.

  3. Click Edit to manage tax settings

  4. You can either set a default sales tax to be applied to each purchase or setup specific tax rates per state.

  5. Click Submit


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7 y ago

Has this menu changed? I don't see Ecommerce anywhere and have been looking forever to try to figure out taxes and shipping. I am using Paypal but I don't seem to have a choice on that. If I click on Intuit Web Payment I just get an error that I need to add the Simple Store. But I already have the Simple Store. This is becoming very frustrating!

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You have MADE MY DAY! Thank you so much. You can delete the old version - I have all my products saved offline. Do we need to re-link the domain sugarbellecandles still? 

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Yes.  You can change the site association anytime.

It might take up to 30 minutes for the association to change.