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Mon, Feb 25, 2013 7:57 PM


Allow categorical tax and shipping features in Simple Store

I build websites and always recommend using yours. I do however have a problem with your simple store. My customers are small business owners that are developing their online presence and want the least expensive shopping cart. I like how your simple store is set up but I would recommend you add a feature allowing different tax and shipping options for different categories of products. For example, many of my clients offer workshops or classes that do not require sales tax or shipping. They may also offer food items that do not require tax but do require shipping and their regular products that require tax and shipping. Paypal does allow specific items to have specific tax and shipping built into the item's button but your simple store is much easier to set up and manage. Because my clients are just developing their web presence it is not cost effective to pay $60 per month for the full online store. I would recommend adding that feature to your simple store. Thank you.

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