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Sun, Jan 22, 2017 8:21 AM


301 redirect /This might affect all current Homestead Customers with sites without attached domain/

301/permanent/ redirect would be essential if I create a new version of my current (old) site. Since there is no domain attached to it, it only relies on "" url address. Well the new replacement site relies on "" url address. In this way I (or any other homestead customer) would of course lose any rankings currently having on "" url address - unless setting up 301 redirect, or create a meta redirect in the HEAD with a 5-10 sec delay  (which is not really good from SEO point of view so I would stick with 301). 

Of course we are not forced to do new versions of our sites, but as Gordon Ramsay would say: Evolve or die :) Even DudaMobile allows to set up 301 redirects - just saying. For all homestead users this is very important, and surely not everyone aware of the problem. Drew, any solution to this? Is it possible to upload a .htaccess file somehow for this purpoes? Would appreciate your reply, Thank You!

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