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Fri, Sep 28, 2018 4:29 PM


My CDBaby player will NOT display at all!

My CDBaby player all of a sudden stopped displaying on the HOME page of my website:

So I obtained the code from CDBaby once again and re-pasted it in the relevant HTML block in SiteBuilder Plus

...And it STILL does NOT display!..

I have no idea why, after years of displaying correctly, this has now become a problem!

Can anyone help to restore the CDBaby player on my HOME page (because it is a very important marketing element of the opening page at my website).

Please note that I have removed CDBaby player from my HOME page for the time being (because the fact that it won't display results in a huge "hole" in my HOME page, and it would be totally amateurish if I left it like that!)

BTW, here is the CDBaby code that I was given and which is no longerworking:

<iframe name="full" style="width:100%;height:520px;border:0px;" src="//"></iframe>

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