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Fri, May 26, 2017 10:53 PM


How can I add unique HTML Meta and Link tags on each web site page? I now can only apply the same HTML to all page s on the site.

I am currently using Website Builder. I want to add some HTML Meta and Link tags to the pages on my site. I have a unique set of HTML I want to add to each page. I have tried using the Pages / Settings / Page Meta Tags option but the HTML I add never ends up in the source code for the page (which I validate through a Chrome browser with the right click "View Page Source" option.)

I have also tried the option to add an embedded HTML element with my HTML Meta and Link tags, and this doesn't generate the source code on the page either.

I then added the HTML Meta and Link tags through the Manage / Advanced Settings /Site Meta Tags option. This does generate the tags in the source code...on each page.

However, I want to generate unique tags for each page, and not one set of tags for all pages. How can I do this?


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