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Sat, Aug 22, 2015 9:49 PM


Developers blog is needed...

I'm really close to having to move my sites to another builder but I noticed you are now using HTML video and that is quite hopeful. That said, I have no idea what you have in the works or what you are planning for the future.

A great idea is a developers blog, where the devs talk about their plans and what if anything is holding them back from implementing these plans. I seriously have one foot out the door and the other foot is about to follow.

I've really enjoyed using homestead and I love the service but it's high time for some changes and I need to know what those are or if there are even plans to change. Personally, I want responsive design, pull down menus and an in builder mobile option that is good. Without the hope of these in the future, I really can't stay.

So yes, a developers blog is really needed.

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