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Sat, Feb 15, 2014 4:44 PM


What do you mean by "Feedback Loop?"

If you are reported as spam by your email recipients, it will affect your ability to send mail to all of your customers. A feedback loop is a service provided by some ISPs, where they will forward complaints made by email recipients to the original sender. ISPs collect these complaints through report spam pages on webmail pages, email clients, or through help desks. This information is also shared with Spam Scanning Services. Enough complaints will result in much or all of your email being blocked.

Joining feedback loops provides a way for you to clean your list and identify a problem that exists in your marketing strategy. This can make it easier for you to "audit" your mailing list. If a customer asks that you remove them from your list, do so immediately. If a message bounces back as undeliverable, then try to contact that customer via other means to confirm the email. If you can't confirm, stop sending to that address. Bounce messages are bad for your reputation.

If you have mailing lists and want to keep them clean, then consider joining one or more feedback loops. They can help you know when the crowd is telling you that your emails are unappreciated. We have listed several of the largest feedback loops available, but you are welcome to search for more.

1) AOL

2) BlueTie

3) Comcast

4) Cox

5) HostedEmail

6) MSN/Hotmail

7) Rackspace

8) RoadRunner

9) USA Net

10) Yahoo

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