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Thu, Jul 14, 2016 8:54 PM


Webmail conversion to Roundcube.

1. Where can I learn more about Roundcube?

We have several Roundcube topics prepared for you here in The Homestead Community:

2. Do I need to use different login credentials to access my email? You keep the same login credentials as you had before.

3. Do I need to reconfigure anything on my phone or desktop mail client? The conversion into Roundcube shouldn't have any effect on your phone or email client setup.

4. How do I access Roundcube? The same way you currently access webmail.

5. What happens to my mailbox's messages, calendar events, and contacts? All of your messages, calendar events, and contacts are automatically transferred into Roundcube for you. If you experience any missing data, please contact support.

6. Can I switch back to my previous webmail tool?
A) As we begin transitioning all of our customers onto Roundcube, we will still provide the temporary option to switch back to your previous webmail tool as a means to troubleshoot any difficulties you run into. However, all of our previous webmail tools will become unavailable once the migration into Roundcube is complete.

B) Unfortunately, once your account switches, we will be unable to switch it back. We will also be unable to take requests for early conversion.
7. I've purchased certain webmail upgrades in Open-Xchange. What happens to those as I get migrated into Roundcube?

You will retain any mailbox storage upgrades that you've purchased. Any Open-Xchange specific upgrades, such as an email suite, will be discontinued once you have been migrated to Roundcube. Any content that you have stored in your Homestead suite Infobox will be removed as part of the conversion. You will not be charged for discontinued Open-Xchange upgrades once you are converted to Roundcube.

8. My Address Book and Contacts did not migrate, what should I do? Do not worry! If your address book and contacts did not migrate, please contact us and we can fix it for you.

Distribution lists will not be migrated. You will need to create a group in Roundcube and add the addresses to the group.

You may log in to Open Xchange to view the list for the time being, but please do not add anything to Open Xchange after you have been converted. It will be lost once the Open Xchange servers are shut down.

9. Notice anything else strange? We want to know, please contact us for any feedback or concerns regarding the migration

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