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Wed, Jan 29, 2020 5:19 AM

Unable to access one of our company email addresses on Outlook app on cell phone

One of our employees is suddenly unable to access his email on his cell phone. He has two of our email addresses that he uses and one of the two is working fine, the other will not work and gives the error message "Login Error, please check your email and password and try again". We have reviewed his email account settings, edited the email account settings, reset the email address within the email app, deleted the email address within the email app and none of these attempts have worked. It appears to be isolated to this cell alone as the email address  in question works fine on all other devices. What's odd is that only one of the two emails that he has on his cell has done this, the other works just fine.  Note, he has the Outlook app on his cell that these accounts are, and have been, linked and accessed thru. What has happened and how can we fix it?

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