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Fri, Oct 25, 2013 3:29 PM


No e-mail is forwarding! And there is no telephone number anywhere on your website for getting help! Are you all robots?

I am so frustrated. We rely upon our website and the e-mail services for the large membership based nonprofit. All officials e-mails to to your server, then is forwarded to each person's individual personal e-mail account. No e-mails are being forwarded to anyone. And it does not matter if it is an e-mail blast or an individual e-mail notice, nothing gets forwarded. This has been occurring for 2 weeks.
What is the telephone number to talk to a live person? If this cannot be fixed, we have to abandon this website and create another one where a diffirent e-mail provider is connected to the website.
Shelia Clark, Ph.D., Board Member

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