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How do I create a distribution list with Webmail OX?

OX Distribution Lists

A distribution list can be a helpful tool, especially if you are sending emails to a small group of people frequently.

When you have logged into your OX email, click the Contacts button at the top left.

If you have not added any contacts to your contacts yet, you can add contacts by clicking the New Contact button

When you have a contact (or few) added to your Contacts, you are able to create a new distribution list. Click New Distribution List
Click the folder button to choose which folder to get the contacts from (by default, it may already have Contacts selected). You may also Add from Addressbook

Now that you have added the contacts for your new distribution list, create a name for the list, and click Save. (Don't forget, you can make edits and changes to the distribution list at any time)

If you want to add someone that's not already a contact, you can do so by clicking Custom Form

Type in their name and email address, then click Add ->

Click Ok when you finished adding additional emails.

When you click Save, you can begin composing an email by clicking Send E-Mail.
(Alternatively, If you are in your Inbox already, you can click the New E-mail button)

Click the To... button to view your contacts and distribution lists

You can double click the distribution list you have just created (or select the list and click Add To -->), click Ok. You should see your contacts have been added to the email.

Some things to be aware of!
Domain reputation
CAN-SPAM Act of 2003

Our Spam Scanning Service works by a feedback loop. It gets feedback on what people you send mail do with that mail. If you are often marked as spam by the recipient, then you will likely get a poor reputation that will result in mail being blocked. This type of filter is quickly growing around the Internet, so maintaining a good reputation is essential to your communication. Please read on for some helpful hints. 

As a service provider, Homestead is not "judge and jury" on what is considered spam and what is not. We also understand that email marketing is an important part of getting a business known to a wider audience. However, it must be done the right way. Homestead uses the Spam Scanning Service and the knowledge of the crowd to help evaluate user reputation.

To continue reading, please click here to learn more about what is spam, what is not, and what you can do.

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