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Mon, Jan 22, 2018 11:08 PM


Emails are forwarded to my cell phone but not my desktop computer.

You fixed this same problem a couple of years ago after dozens of people made the same complaint. But it is back again. Some of the emails my clients sent me will appear on the Homestead email website but will not be forwarded to my desktop computer (I use Outlook). My cell phone will receive the email but not my desktop computer . This appears to be happening several times a week at random. Today when an escrow company sent me an email, it was only forwarded to my cell phone. I went on the Homestead email site and forwarded the email to myself twice. Both times it was received by my cell phone but not my computer. (I use Outlook). I probably received 20 other emails today successfully, but not these three. Fred Hall 209-256-1371

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