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Tue, Jun 11, 2019 3:00 AM


Email storage still showing as 92% even after purchasing 10 GB... ongoing issue.

I have been having this same problem for months now. My email storage was upgraded temporarily by your staff to help hold me off until the issue was fixed, but that expired and I'm now still having the same problem sending emails. It looks like a maximum number of emails was imposed on my account even though I had purchased extra storage years ago and never had anything but the percentage of storage use showing up. Now, even though I'm at 92 % capacity, it still shows up as being at 99% of the email count limit. I finally got frustrated since I have clients not receiving my emails, and I went and purchased the 10 GB of additional storage; however, Friday it still showed 93% disk space and 99% email count a day later.

Today, it appears that over 2500 emails disappeared according to the count, but it is still at 92% capacity  and is only showing 500MB of storage space. I did not delete the 2500 + emails. I went back in again today and again selected th 10GB option but am still seeing 92% full. Where did the 2500 email go the system said the account was at about 10k last time, and why isn't the storage upgrading even though I received a receipt stating I was being charged for the upgrade? Would it be possible to resolve this issue anytime time soon?


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