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Tue, Jun 4, 2019 9:40 PM

Email Forwarding does not work, Email Auto Reply uses stale messages

Email forwarding does not work. It gives an error message: "Error 702. Oops! There was an issue updating your mailbox. Please try again later or contact customer support." Please advise. Also, if I do not enter an email in the email forwarding box and only use the AUTO REPLY with a message, it appears that the message sent is "stale"! I entered one message last night, and it was not working; then today I changed the message to a new message and it is now working by the message sent is YESTERDAY's auto reply message, not the latest one I entered today. Please directly your responses to lwilliams@SacGuitarSociety.org as she is the one who is spearheading this effort. Thank you.

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