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Fri, Jun 9, 2017 8:57 PM


Email box quota upgrades now available

At this time we are pleased to offer different email box quota options. You are welcome to post here or call support to assist with upgrades, but you are now able to complete this action yourself, from within your Homestead account. You can see how below.

Tier 1: 500 mb and 10,000 messages
Tier 2: 2 gb and 20,000 messages
Tier 3: 5 gb and 50,000 messages
Tier 4: 10 gb and 100,000 messages

Tier 1 is included with the mail box.
Tier 2 is $1 additional per month
Tier 3 is $2 additional per month
Tier 4 is $3 additional per month

1) Go to the email tab on your Homestead account and Manage my email account. If you have multiple domains, you will need to select the desired domain. Select the edit button to the right of the desired email address.

2) Select the desired upgrade size for your mail box and click save.

3) If you have an available upgrade the mailbox will be changed. If you do not, you will see the message below.

4) Click on Manage storage upgrades. Make your selections and click upgrade now. Once completed, you will be able to go back to the email tab and apply the purchased upgrades to your mailbox(s)

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