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Thu, May 30, 2019 12:14 AM

Again - STMP 421 Error Occurred - receiving message when trying to send an email

2 weeks ago, I reported the problem and it is occurring again. Elizabeth was helpful, but problem still is not resolved.
I'm using the Roundcube email and Google Chrome.  There is no pattern to when this message occurs - sometimes with an attachment, sometimes without, sometimes with multiple emails, other times randomly selected messages.  

When accessing email via laptop, seem to get the following message quite frequently:
"STMP 421 Error Occured.  Unexpected failure, please try again later."
I wait a few seconds and the message goes away and I'm able to send without issue.  I have been made aware there messages haven't been received.  This has been happening for about the past month.  Any insight would be greatly appreciated! 


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