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Sun, Mar 12, 2017 5:00 PM


Addresses missing in Roundcube

Contacts/email addresses were not converted to Roundcube. We have been accessing our email thru a direct OX link (thank you for providing this!), so have not been experiencing any issues. Pulled up the email thru Homestead and it pulled up Roundcube. Don't like it at all but have been trying to change settings to make it better. My address book was not converted though. It has a few emails/contacts in there but not listed alphabetically and not sure who the addresses even are. No display names, just some email addresses. Can you please import all my contacts as they are in the OX version?

Also, will all emails sent now be in the Roundcube 'Sent Items' folder and not the 'Sent' Folder? There are some in the Sent folder, but it is only the emails I've sent back and forth to employees using our same email. It looks like emails sent to customers are in the 'Sent Items' folder. Is there a way to get all emails to go to the same Sent folder? Thanks!

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