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Tue, Dec 23, 2014 6:52 AM


WTH Happened

I can barely sit still. I continue to twitch and squirm, crossing the right leg and then the one that is left. I feel like I could cast off sparks that would break windows 7, 8 or 9. .
. or maybe I will just reorganize the Icons on my desktop – WTH Happened.


I haven’t had this kind of rush since switching from a dial-up modem – I had thought the Korean Government hacked our site and then we came on just about the time that Korea lost their Internet privileges – I have to wonder about that ?


I checked if Homestead was working again and it was – I thought maybe Santa had come early, so I checked to see if we now had Drop-Down Menus and Other Wanted Goodies under the tree – then I lost my rush and fell back to the ground - and then I heard a voice that said "Maybe Next Year" so I felt a little better again.


I hope that Santa has Drew on his ‘Good & Bad List’ and Drew hasn’t bankrupted our Fearless Website Leader with the amount of over-time he has done in this last month.


I would like to wish my fellow web-developers a Wonderful Merry Christmas and Happy, and Successful 2015 New Year - Hugh

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