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Sun, Nov 17, 2019 4:30 AM


Why is my List Your Stud form being sent out according to the file, but it is not reaching my Zoho email: ?

I am all of a sudden having the same problem as I did back in Nov 2018. My "List Your Stud" form on my website is being sent, but they are not coming to my email. This is the address of the form:

My email address if with Zoho, NOT with Homestead. The address is

Yesterday I tried rebuilding the form entirely, even deleting the "send" button, and reinstalling a new one. I tested it out, and again, the form does not get to my email inbox, but it is in the relaying logs for the form in the "form manager" section of my website builder.

I am not getting ANY email from that form now.

I've checked my mx records, and as far as I can tell they're good. Would you be able to check them, both for studdogcentral, and studdogcentral-extra? I don't know if the second site is in error, or if that would affect my emails from the first site in any way. Please help! I don't know what could have changed all of a sudden to cause the forms to not reach my email address.
Peggy Herbison

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