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Mon, Dec 15, 2014 8:19 PM


What does "data migration" mean?

What exactly does this "data migration" do?  Are you transferring all data to another digital location resulting in possible loss of information?  

It clearly is effecting most, if not all, of the Homestead customers - I am experiencing slow loading time and inability to upload pictures.  I admit, it is not as crucial as those who's business depends on online sales or the like. 

If it is some sort of routine data transfer, and the company new about it, they should have notified customers well before action was taken.  Would have avoided all the fuss and annoyance felt by all. 

If it is an unexpected complication, please inform customers in a general email as to what is going on.  Most of us do not understand what phrases like "data migration" mean.  Please help us understand what is going on.  

Thank you

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