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Sat, Aug 31, 2019 8:34 PM



I have constant problems with this site being down all the time. I think it is hacked some how. Everytime I check it, it is off line with a 521 error. What is going on here? Can you please check into this once and for all? I pay more for this 50cent site than any others and they are up 99.9% of time. I have verified with ICANN. I have switched nameservers to Cloudflare as was requested last year, and it is still happening. I have tried to check who I am hosted with and it is Tucows, but I never have used them, so they must be your provider. I can't get into their DNS to check because of this. It is somewhere with the nameservers or DNS.
Can someone please help me out and REALLY check into this, or I guess it is time to finally move after 8 years.

James, Mark

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