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Mon, Sep 18, 2017 9:53 AM


URL website address that is shown


I have a domain from homestead called, for which I want to populate a web site with the same name, prefixed with www.   I believe I made a mistake when completing the domain and site creation pages.
On the Domain Center page my domain is mycompany. com.  
The site is mywebsite 
The subdomains are www which is associated with mywebsite.

While I am populating the site I see the message "when you publish your url will".    Is that the URL that will be in the address-bar on the web pages when the users access  I would like the URL on my pages to be   If I click on "change association" I see "Make point", but if I change that to, I get the error that it already exists.

I know I may have set this up in error but I don't want to publish and have the URLs be incorrect.  I want the URLs in the address page on all pages to be  Will that be what the users see or will they see  If it is the second, how can I change it so they wee

Just a note, I access homestead and my webpages using

Thank you

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