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Tue, Sep 25, 2018 1:33 PM


Trying to transfer but other host won't give EPP.

I'm building a web site for a church.  Their old site/host is awful and they won't even tell people about it.  Anyway, I'm almost completely done with the new site here and have begun the site transfer because they want to keep their same URL.  I went through every step and got to the 'get the EPP code' and that's where everything went sour.

I have access to the old site so made sure everything was unlocked and not set to private but when I clicked on the tab to 'request EPP' it said it couldn't.  Turns out the old site, which was set up by a former church secretary, had a defunct email address as well as her name on it.  I have spent hours on LIVE CHAT with them to get them to update the email address so that I can get an EPP.  The pastor of the church has emailed them a color copy of his ID BUT they need an ID of the former church secretary!  They said he has to show proof of ownership ... he doesn't OWN the church, the denomination does.  Although they have all of his correct information in the billing section so, of course, they're getting paid for the site.

My question is this, is there any way to do this transfer based on the fact they won't give me (or the pastor) the all important EPP code?  Help greatly appreciated.

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