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Mon, May 6, 2019 10:16 PM


Switching to g suites for non-profits domain name email addresses and changing MX records

We're a 501©(3) non-profit group and have started the process of switching our email to g suites for non-profits. It has some great benefits and is a free service, with unlimited @ email addresses. Another member of our organization volunteered to work on the g suites application.
I had already created 5 email addresses here on Homestead, using round cube to send and retrieve mail. My colleague set up the same 5 addresses, plus an additional address called googleadmin@domain address, BUT we are NOT at the set-up wizard.

It looks like they want us to change the MX records on Homestead before going to the set-up wizard. I found the place in my account where to make the changes, and even opening it to see what was there (in editing mode) has me feeling anxious. They sent her a chart of  "Values for G Suite MX records," and it says to add at least the first two, but the list on homestead shows mail, webmail and email listed further down under items 7, 8, 9.

One of the things we have to prove is that we "own" the domain name. I've been on Homestead since practically the beginning, and when domain names were first offered, I took advantage of it. Homestead pays the fees on our behalf, but do we "own" it?

Help. I don't want to mess up my homestead account. Thanks, Rhonda

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