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Fri, Jun 24, 2022 8:16 PM


Since 2012 I have had a domain named Strolemoolies.com. I have never really published much on it as I have been contemplating the publications of a children's book series named Strolemoolies of Fayetteville. 

After 10 years I am now ready to update and market my publications on my website domain. As I try to update I realize that a new website builder program is much improved and I need to convert my old info to the new program. 

I know enough to be dangerous. I thought I was pointing the new website to Strolemoolies.com. I now appear to 2 domains:



 I can open the old website under Kathymiller.homestead.com but not edit and point to Strolemoolies.com

I want to continue to use the "Strolemoolies.com" and maintain my same email, Kathy@strolemoolies.com. I have updated the original site but cannot get the program to publish with it pointing to Strolemoolies.com 

I have 3 of the first 4 books ready for self-publication but want to use the "elements " button to link those books to my website. 

Please advise.

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Can you choose that other site from the drop-down menu in the Websites Manager tab and click edit?