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Fri, Dec 14, 2018 6:33 PM


Stat Tracker won't work for newly republished but older HS account built with the older version of Sitebuilder.

Hi Y'all. I recently re-activated an old HS account that had never been used nor had any content uploaded to it when it was first created back in or about 2014. It's one of 30 under my master account name. I uploaded one text line of content to the Index page and pointed a domain leased from a 3rd party ( directly to the HS account. The pointing works fine but the Stat Tracker will not register visits, no matter what device or browser is used. When this occurred the other day with another older but reactivated account, HS T.S. assigned a new (internal) domain name that included the ".homestead" portion of the address, republished the account and the Stat Tracker worked. I've republished this latest reactivated HS account multiple times but no matter who visits the account, the Stat Tracker will not register visits. Does it thus reason that I have to assign the internal domain a new name?

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