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Mon, Oct 21, 2019 2:31 PM

Saving/Publishing - UnGodly long times

From Elyzabeth, "If you continue to have trouble with the site, please open a separate
conversation so we can troubleshoot." Your email to me on 10/10. Thus, I am finally doing so.

To refresh, I use desktop version to edit pages, then publish them to candg site. Works great, except (perhaps html problem??) they do not all display properly in the "homestead site" format.

To fix that...I then log onto the web based site to republish them again so they look right in the https form. Works great. I use file manager, select the 6 to 10 pages I want to publish, and am done in a few minutes. I use file manager, select the 6 to 10 new pages, and publish. Over in 3 minutes, and my pages look great until I do it again an hour later. Every day, works great. Real happy with homestead!

What was not working great that weekend, or anytime I try it, is to use the web based site to do the entire task...even for one page. When/if I do not have access to the desktop, and have to use the web to do it bogs down with the save as part! ( It is/should NOT be related to the number of pages on the site. It happens with just one page edit!)   For instance.....................

If, using the webpublisher ALONE to do this,  I open one page, say goldeaglesat1495c, and select and copy all on that page, -which is not much - then - I open goldeaglestemp (which is what I do with the desktop version) and paste in the data, the next step is to save the temp page as the real page....goldeagles.

There is where the problem is. When I use the save as, it takes about 6 to 7 minutes to save that page!! Doing  6 pages, takes about 6 times as long, then they have to be published. I can't wait that long for saving!!

Luckily, when I then publish it (either with the Publish button or from file manager, it only takes about a minute or 2 to publish it. Which is great. It is the 6 or more to save it that is the problem.
IF I would lose the ability to use the desktop, and HAD to use the web to publish my files, I would quit. Because that week I wrote to you, I found that it was taking "forever" to edit the template as a "save as" page. Sometimes, I never did get around to the "publish" step. So, I just "Closed" the pages.

Any plausible explanation why opening ONE page, pasteing info into it and then saving it as another page would take soooooooooooo long? Then, think about 6 of them!

And, is my site the only Homestead site that uses a lot of pages? And if there are more, do they have trouble saving/publishing if they edit? I know part two of that might be tough for you to answer, but maybe others will chime in. 

Remember, I only need the web publisher to get my pages to the https format (I think Google is to blame for that) and could run for years with just the desktop pub, if not for that. I do NOT really blame Homestead for most of this, they have been good to me since I started with Justin Kitch in the beginning, back in 1998 or 99. BUT, it would be great if there was a simple answer to editing, and saving as, the pages for my site using the web - when it becomes necessary that I have to temporarily do so.

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