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Fri, Dec 29, 2017 5:40 PM


Oldie but hopefully a goodie

Desktop vs SB+ vs new Web Builder

I built my original site back in 2006 on Desktop using blank pages and my own templates.  I have updated and revamped over the years using both Desktop and SB+.  Now the push is for the new Web Builder that offers only pre-formatted templates.  I understand that my existing site cannot be transferred over to the new builder but must be redone from scratch.  Is this even possible to use your own templates to make the site look and feel like my original site? If so are there any tutorials to build a site from scratch on Web Builder without using pre-formatted templates?  I would like to stick with SB+ (and believe it or not I can actually still use Desktop)....  Will  SB+ and Desktop continue to be supported or am I a dinosaur?

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