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Sunday, October 23rd, 2022 12:54 PM

My website is not loading!

The website haven't been loading since last night?!? Losing sales and taking a hit. 

The website builder isn't loading either and I'm in the middle of doing a major update on the website.

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3 months ago

 I'm having issues too....Losing a ton of money. Homestead needs to get their shit together. We've been having issues for days now

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3 months ago

I cannot update out website. Can't edit, nor can I access. This is really not good... and no word from Homestead about why or for how long. It should not take 2 weeks to change servers, or whatever they are doing..... Very frustrated...

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3 months ago

We are in the same boat. Expected a down period starting around 9:30 Saturday night (since that is what the status updates advised). Tried to get on around 8 last night and nothing. It is now 11:20am on Sunday and both the website and builder are not loading. We have clients that depend on our site who are asking when it will be back up. I'm getting tired of telling them we have no idea. This is nuts... at the very least give us some idea of how long this is going to take so we can let our paying clients know. This is costing us money now. 

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3 months ago


I am sorry for the issues that you're experiencing due to this migration. It is a large project and our team is taking its time to ensure no data is lost. Sites and the builders should be working currently, but we do have more work planned on Wednesday.