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Thu, Jan 8, 2015 11:38 PM


Just out of cuiosity...or frustration

Does it really matter if we go to the chat help. phone help, or Community to try and get our websites fixed?  It doesn't seem to matter to me because I keep seeing the same answers to a lot of people's problems.
Such as:
1. We're working on it.
2. It will be fixed shortly
3. We've sent your issue to the advance team and it will be resolved soon
All of this means squat!   I can't understand how this is taking so long. People are losing money/business left and right. We get very little response from HS. Drew and a few others have been the lone bright spot.

I'm hoping someone in the very near future can fix this train wreck. Can't wait to see what happens.  Then again, waiting is what we do best.



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