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Fri, Feb 7, 2020 2:36 AM


I NEED REAL Homestead Support like I used to get in the past. Not Boiler Plate answers.

Here is letter below from CLOUDFLARE about my site  I have no idea what most of it means. Homestead sent me to Cloudflare for security. I purchased a PRO account for my new Homestead site.  I've tried several times but only get Error and page is down.  
Can you help set it up for me? 

Sarah (Cloudflare)

Feb 6, 8:45 AM PST

Hi there,

Thanks for contacting Cloudflare support. My name is Sarah and I will be looking into this ticket for you. Sorry for the issues you are facing.

Can some one at Cloudflare actually set up the nameservers without Errors so that it works correctly?

I can confirm these have been set up correctly now, and everything looks OK here.

Now all I get is a lot of instructions on how to do all this myself and it is confusing.

I'm sorry for the confusion here. For clarification here, as a matter of security policy Cloudflare Support is not able to make changes to your account. We can only explain to you how to make the changes yourself. This policy protects you from any accidental or inadvertent changes being made to your account and websites by Cloudflare.

I'm seeing a 521 error when trying to access your website.

521 error happens when we are unable to make a TCP connection to your origin server, typically because the connection was refused which often can be caused by security or firewall software.

Because Cloudflare operates as a reverse proxy the IP address your server will see is one of a limited number of Cloudflare IPs.

In that sense, many actual visitors may all come from the same IP address, which can cause firewalls or security software that is not appropriately whitelisting the Cloudflare IP ranges to block this traffic as it may see it as excessive or malicious. We publish a full list of our IP ranges so that you can whitelist them accordingly.

Are you able to make sure that your hosting provider confirms that the Cloudflare IP ranges listed in the URL above are fully whitelisted from any security software, firewall etc., to ensure there is no rate limiting or blocking of our edge server requests to your infrastructure?

This should ensure that Cloudflare can consistently make a connection to your origin server to retrieve content and serve it to your visitors.

If you have any questions or would like any assistance, please do not hesitate to ask.

Kind regards,
Sarah | Cloudflare Support Engineer
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