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Mon, Dec 11, 2017 11:31 PM


I get page not found for the site that I get a free domain from homestead with. is the name of the site.  I had a free domain name with my package and I've had this domain name for many years and now it's no longer active.  My other pages for other sites are still viewable and can still see but the main "index" page for lesecuriesjacob I can no longer see it online or even any of the other pages in this site.  I get the "page not found" instead.  I can still open sitebuilder and edit the pages just not view it once published.  I've not moved the index page anywhere.  I paid my renewal 2 months ago.  I've only just noticed this site and not check it regularly.  would prefer you reply to if you're a homestead tech.

This is the error message when I try to publish:


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