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Sun, Dec 18, 2016 10:30 AM


I Can't edit or find the website i just published, and wheres the site builder that let me start from scratch?

I just created a account, spent 2 days working on a website, published it a little early so I still need to work on it, now when i go to my sitebuilder and click on the site i want to work on, it tells me to chose a design after i already built and published it, I am unable to work on my website, When I click on view published site it takes me to a error page, I also registered my domain and its been 2 days and its still not working yes i got the email, and other sites I want to build it only lets me pick a template, My first website it let me start from scratch now I have to use a template? I liked the sitebuilder that i first used building from scratch now it wont let me.
The website I'm trying to work on is
It is not pulling up on my website builder to edit or able to veiw published
my url that is not working for it is
Is there also a way I can use the sitebuilder that I fist used that allowed me to start from scratch with the tools going across the top not like the templates with tools on the side, i cant build with that set up.

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