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Sun, Nov 26, 2017 11:38 AM



There have been several posts regarding HTTPS and this is a subject I am trying to follow the progress (or future of) however the posts are always 'not available' (I trust because they have gone 'private'). 

So in planning and exploring my options for the new year, I will ask:  What might the future be for whole site 'https' in homestead? 


If I point my domain to BC (eliminating the 'store' sub-domain), will I then have access to the 'https' offered there in BC? or is that still unavailable because the domain is with HS? How does that work? (do not mind saying I am very unhappy with 'Stencil' themes as you have such limited (mostly non-existent) minor change ability (something as simple as 'print packing slip' and similar templates without loosing the automatic 'theme updates' capability (from what I understand/have been told) which as expected are plenty with the new platform (the updates seem to have conflicted with 'fixes' their engineers made to 'option sets' incorrectly working after the conversion and well it was just easier to delete them on the website than ask for them to be corrected again.

Should a new store platform be considered outside HS & BC, can the domain be move to them or only directed to the new site? and how does that work on my account?

So would love to hear what might be in the pipeline and what my options might be to move/direct the domain.


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