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Thu, Apr 18, 2013 9:05 PM


Help with storefront template

Hi, I was wondering if anyone would please look at my website and let me know what is wrong with it. I had an SEO person call me today and talk awful to me saying that it was one of the worst sites on the web and I will never get any customers due to the wrong keywords on opening page, and very bad pictures. They told me that I needed an Ecommerce site and that they could set me up in one and Guarantee me first page listing on Google, Yahoo, Bing and others for around $3000.00. I told them I was not paying that much so forget it an they told me that he could do it right now for me for around $800.00 using Intuit Storefront format. She told me that my template was horrible and was to wide on the screen and things like this. She really put the site down. Please I need help, can someone recommend a good template for my store? The address is I also have a store design I use to show customers the process of making our hand made signs. If you could check that out it would be great Also is there anyway to merge my site and my site... The Reason I ask is that I am thinking about merging my storefront and my site builder, if there is a way. also, my email is should you need to reach me. I would appreciate anyone's opinion on the site either Good or Bad. As a matter of fact if you see this post send me a thumbs up or thumbs down, that would be great......thanks again e1

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