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Sun, Aug 4, 2013 8:12 PM

(Error Code: 0x41)

I already know, because this has happened several times in the past. I have cleared my cache and cookies, even restarted my computer, and had a friend try from another location. Same error (Error Code: 0x41). In the past, once I have done all this I call up and they ask me to do it again, I do, then they tell me they need to just click a button and refresh it.

The problem is, its Sunday and I need to update today. The number they give you on the message refers to their business hours, which do not include Sunday. Then they say you can use the chat, they are open Sunday from 7-4 Pacific time. Except I have been on every hour trying to use it and it is still closed.

I have been a loyal customer of homestead since I was 15 and they used to give us the hosting and builder for free.

I constantly am having technical issues, that are generally quick fixes on their end. I used to use the down-loadable page builder until after a year of fighting with it they told me they don't recommend it because its buggy. Then why have it at all? I have also had several features I used to really like, features they even supplied to free users back when that existed, taken away.

Yet through the constant technical issues, crashes, and hard to reach customer service I still keep paying and using it. Why? Because as poor as it is sometimes it's still better than any other host/builder I have found. It's not praise, just a sad reality.

Can I get this fixed before Monday morning, I have work to do.

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