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Tue, Feb 3, 2015 12:51 AM


domain registration failed and cannot connect to help center

I tried registering a domain and it took over 48 hours before it said registration failed
but when i press contact us to talk online to homestead surprise surprise it wont connect to them

I need this domain registered asap, is there a direct email address or something i can contact?
it doesn't even give me the option to try and register it again myself, it seems homestead have created this community and basically are saying 'hey we'll get all our customers together and let them figure out the problems themselves', 

I think the zip code could be the reason it failed, i dont live in america i do not have a zip code, but it doesnt give me the option to select another country or not enter a zip code

they didnt waste anytime in taking my money though, that went through straight away

totally fed up with homestead, this is the worst its been in the 14 years ive been using homestead
my sitebuilder keeps crashing, it picks and chooses when it wants to save pages and i even lost a page i had published online and then sitebuilder would only open the old version of the published page, very annoying and unreliable 

and now im having trouble simply registering a domain, jeeze registering a domain used to be an instant process back in the day, why is everything with homestead frustrating and troublesome these days

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