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Thu, Sep 14, 2017 9:30 PM

Domain and iCann

I have been told by our legal department the following, Homestead is in breech of their own policies as you are charging clients to provide services which you are not providing. Regardless of who is at fault, iCann, client, Homestead, you are not to charge when you are not able to provide the service that you are charging for. 
We, and and all the other domains as we have 4 or 5 with you, were reassured that our contact info was properly saved, by homestead. We were in contact with one of your employees that insisted that they saved he contact info properly, not less than 6 months ago. We had this icann issue surface with and in order to make sure it does not happen with any other domains, we corrected all other incorrect contact info. ALSO it is in the power of HOMESTEAD's powers to be able to put this back up and running rather than making clients jump through hoops and making us wait days on end. So please ensure that the domain, is back up and running properly within 12 hours. The correct info has been saved more than 5 times yet again and we have not received an email at all. We have a 1.5 million dollar contract riding on this, should we fail to get this, I can guarantee you there will be legal consequences. 

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