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Wed, Oct 6, 2021 4:58 PM

CNAME record issue

We have set up a site through Mighty Networks. The "mighty" subdomain is currently We wanted to use the domain we own through Homestead,

We have successfully set up an A record to point to We have not yet been able to successfully get, and to point to the subdomain at the same time.

After our problem was introduced to the Mighty Networks domain specialist, we received the following instruction:

If you would like to have "" be the url that shows up but use both with and without "www" to access the landing page, then you can set up a CNAME record as Host www and Pointing to "@" and not

However, when I went to create  the CNAME record, Homestead would not let me submit it and gave me this message:

Please enter a valid, full domain name, with at least one period in it (like for your CNAME Records.

After relaying that information to Mighty Networks, they advised that I reach out to Homestead with this:

"We would like redirect to our domain Currently we are setting up a CNAME record to point www to @ and have the redirect flow in this manner. However, the system is not allowed us to point to @. Is there another way on Homestead that we could use to redirect www to our apex domain"

Is this something you can help us with? This is holding up our launch of the network so we are very motivated to get this issue resolved quickly!

Thank you

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You had correctly put in the www subdomain pointing to another URL, but the change in the DNS was preventing it from working, so I reset the DNS back to default. The redirect is working on my end now.