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Sun, Dec 11, 2016 4:11 PM


Change template

With the cancelling of your “sitebuilder” you destroyed my business. I am with you since the Beginning over 10 Years. I recommended your “sitebuilder” to at least 30 Customers and transferred and created their own account. I am getting calls from them and complains they cannot do anything anymore with their “sitebuilder”.

What did you do? There was no warning of those changes. Over the last 10 Month I stayed in contact with you to please change my new created domain sites back to site builder and explained that  am not working with “sitebuilderplus” , “sitebuilder” I think was the best off line site builder in the world) Now it went to s..t.  

I am 72 years old and was your loyal customer for over 10 years. All my sites were built without using a template.  Look at my sites they cannot be built with your “sitebuilderplus” For Example , and many may more. I am now being forced to transfer all my domains to Network solutions which is quite expensive. I must recreate all sites new. I have given this issue to my lawyer. If you show me how to build with your very complicated templates those samples I gave you then I would happy. With the “sitebuilder”  I was able to insert sound movies picture galleries and much much more. I could import and upload 100 pictures with in a second’.

 I truly have lost all my business. You promised me on every call or online chat I made that “sitebuilder” will still continue now I have created 2 and need 5 more new domains ""; was automatically pointed to your new site builder without my knowledge.  Tried it I can’t change the templates and much more. The next site. showed up on my site builder as .com But I was unable to upload suddenly it shows a real estate Company. This new Corporation is a multilevel digital marketing firm they were furious that I was unable to do what I promised Please explain. By the way all the new medium sites have the same sitebuilderplus you use

All offline builder not even nearly can do what your “sitebuilder” could do Please responde I will get all thru my CC statements and give all the handles I had I started with

Copy goes to my Lawyer Thanks

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